Cassidy – R.A.I.D. [Meek Mill Diss] Is It Ether Level?


Cassidy vs. Meek MillCassidy has released another Meek Mill diss record (the first being “Diary Of A Hustler” despite the fact that Cass insists that it wasn’t.) called “R.A.I.D. – Robert Ass Is Dead.” The record has been reposted all over the blogosphere. If you use YT as barometer to discern interest then one of the youtube postings has already amassed 615,522 views 6,964 likes and over 6,700 comments in 2 short days. And as promised Cassidy skipped the subliminals and got straight to the point. If haven’t heard the record yet, here it is.

Cassidy – “R.A.I.D.”  [Meek Mill Diss]

I first spotted this over at 2DBZ and the comment section was already overfilled with analysis. The first comment that caught my attention was:

It sounds like he flowed this acapella and they just added the beats behind it. His flows trash and boring as shit the whole time he doesn’t switch up once in 10 min. I grew up listening to Cass, he’s got bangers, and he’s got some cool lines in this but nothing that’s gona threaten Meek’s career or credibility to his real fan base.

Today artists drop mixtapes the way artists dropped albums in Cass’ prime, so to say Meek’s buzz is dying after only one album is unfair, he’s dropped DC 1 & 2 and D & N in a lil over a year and all of them had the streets buzzing, and I don’t even really like any of them but to deny it would be hatin. Only way u can say he killed him is if u really hate Meek and wana see him fade away and fall off.  Meek’s diss to Cass wasn’t nothin special either, but at least he had some kinda flow and charisma in it even if he screamed the whole time. Weak ass battle all around and shows how sad the state of hip-hop is that this is gettin so much attention.

-JonBlazeSr said this on January 6th, 2013 at 3:12 am

I agreed with the part about Cass not switchin’ up his flow even once even though each beat had a different feel. But then I scrolled down a lil’ further and I saw this:

“Yep, this what Ima do to you, k!ll you in a battle then Wale can say a poem at your funeral”
“But jail is the only time I hung around a CO”
“You must’ve lost your damn mind screaming all the damn time”
“You couldn’t even keep the f*cking Z in your name”
“And Meek, how you gon’ rage war when the GD’s made MMG shut down their paid tour?”
“You my son, one of my sperm cells that grew up”
“I brought you in this world, I can take you out. Then let your b*tch and my !! start making out”
“You an animal in the face, you remind me of that monkey from Planet Of The Apes”
“And you was mad Kendrick Lamar sold more than you, I seen the tweet”
“Plus the rest of your niccas can get it too, I’ll get at them right after I get at you”

everybody saying he acapella’d then picked the beats are trying to discredit how amazing this really is.

First beat – eye for an eye… Saying you dissed me. Now it’s your turn.
4th beat – bad boyz…. Dissing him, Ross, and MMG.
5h beat – phone tap…. Slow beat and he talks about rapping on a slow beat.
I forget – Ambitionz of a Ridah – Talks about his 2pac song.
Am to Pm beat – His own beat. He used to talk about how he was in the game and getting money before him.
Dipset Anthem – Talking about MMG and his contract situation. Basically comparing it to Dipset. How he’s going to get !!ed over in the end.

Diss is full of gems. Every beat served a purpose. I don’t feel like doing them all Cassidy is a beast.

This is crazy. Different freestyles on different beats that all flows and even uses the beat as subliminals. For 10 minutes with no fillers? I’m sorry this is the best diss ever. R.A.I.D >>>>>>> Ether

-Dog The Bounty Hunter said this on January 6th, 2013 at 2:17 pm

I don’t know if I’m a put “R.A.I.D.” on the Ether level. Cass would have to humble himself the way Nas did and still deliver the uncomfortable truth. But I will say that the beat comparison vs. subject matter definitely raises the bar and make s the conversation more interesting.

I didn’t double check the list below but one of the posters took the time to list all of the instrumentals. At a glance it looks right.

Just in case anybody wanted the list of the beats Cassidy rhymed over:

Mobb Deep, Nas, & Raekwon – Eye For An Eye
The Notorious B.I.G. – Warning
The Notorious B.I.G. – Kick In The Door
Shyne – Bad Boyz
The Firm – Phone Tap
Jay-Z – U Don’t Know
2Pac – Ambitionz Az A Ridah
The Lox – Fuck You (Cass did a dope freestyle over this, years ago)
Boogie Down Productions – The Bridge Is Over
Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) – Keep It Thoro
Gang Starr – You Know My Steez
Cassidy – AM To PM (Off of I’m A Hustla)
Jadakiss – We Gonna Make It
Cam’ron – Down & Out
The Diplomats – Dipset Anthem
Amil, Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, & Jay-Z – 4 Da Fam
DMX, The Lox, & Jay-Z – Blackout
DMX, The Lox, & Mase – Niggas Done Started Something

-N said this on January 6th, 2013 at 8:22 pm

Even though Cassidy didn’t address the situation with AR directly in the song he did touch upon the subject a little when he called in to DJ Caesar on Hot 107.9 Philly to clarify the situation between him, AR AB, & Meek Mill and the diss record.


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