Max B’s Appeal Denied – To remain at Trenton State Prison Until 2042

Aspiring rapper/singer Max B was sentenced to 75 years in prison for a botched robbery in 2006 that resulted in a death.

In almost every article or interview that I’ve read everyone seems to be impressed at how Max B kept in good spirits. The Harlem native who’s serving his 75-year prison sentence on murder conspiracy and robbery charges always held onto hope that he would be released after appeal. Max would then be able to pick up where he left off and deliver more music to his fans.

In February of this year false reports surfaced that Max B’s appeal had already been denied, when in fact it was still ongoing. Max has remained positive. It is especially interesting to note that in June 2012 during an interview with Statik Selektah’s ShowOff Radio Max was in a good mood. He had this to say:

“I’m about to touch down real soon,” Max B said. “I come home, I’m on my contract situation, so yeah, there’s definitely going to be a Max Biggavel album. I’m gonna give ya’ll a couple Max Biggavel albums. I’m always going to be me and be in my own box, my own category. I’m second to none, I’m one of a kind. When I hit the town, I just can’t wait to get back into the studio. Ya’ll are gonna be thrilled.

“I’m trying to set my business straight, handle everything,” he continued, “get all my stuff in order because my shit was all over the place.”

In February of this year false reports surfaced that Max B’s appeal had already been denied, when in fact it was still ongoing.

Max B received some pretty devastating news days ago. According to the Superior Court Appellate Division panel upheld the conviction and sentences in a detailed 52-page opiniona. Charly Wingate [Max B] was given the maximum sentence for his involvement in the robbery.

For those who are unfamiliar with the specifics of the Max B situation reports it like this:

Charly Wingate, better known in the hip-hop world as “Max B,” was convicted after Bergen County prosecutors argued during a trial in Hackensack that he deployed his stepbrother, Kelvin Leerdam, and his girlfriend, Gina Conway, to the Holiday Inn on Route 4 to commit the robbery.

The two targets of the robbery, David Taylor and Allan Plowden, had been seen a few days earlier in Harlem in September 2006, driving a 2007 Mercedes Benz and showing off lots of cash.

Plowden testified during the trial that he had obtained the money from a mortgage and credit-card scheme before being arrested himself. He was an inmate in a federal prison when he testified at the 2009 trial.

Conway, who pleaded guilty for her role and testified against Wingate and Leerdam, said she met Plowden in Harlem and that he took her to a Mahwah hotel. She said she later told Wingate that Plowden had lots of cash, and Wingate devised a robbery plan, enlisting Conway as the bait and Leerdam as the muscleman.

The next day, Plowden was staying at the Holiday Inn in Fort Lee. Conway testified that she and Leerdam went to the hotel and confronted Plowden in his room, where he was being entertained by a prostitute. When they couldn’t find any money in his room, they ordered him to call Taylor, who was in a different room, she said. Plowden called Taylor, who arrived at the room a few minutes later, only to be shot point-blank in the face by Leerdam, prosecutors said.

Conway and Leerdam fled with less than $1,000 cash, a laptop and a few other belongings. They were arrested a few days later and charged with murder, armed robbery and kidnapping. Wingate was charged as an accomplice although he was not at the scene.

Both Wingate and Leerdam were convicted in the trial, and Leerdam is now serving a sentence of life plus 35 years. Conway received a 15-year sentence as part of her plea deal.

Wingate and Leerdam appealed their conviction, alleging trial errors and prosecutorial missteps. They also argued that the trial judge erred in imposing excessive sentences.

The Superior Court Appellate Division panel, however, upheld their convictions and sentences in a detailed 52-page opinion on Thursday.

I remember watching Max on the dvd’s. He always had a lively personable spirit. I have so many mixed emotions about the whole situation that I wouldn’t even try explain it. I hope the impressionable public is paying attention.

10 Responses to Max B’s Appeal Denied – To remain at Trenton State Prison Until 2042

  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    This will teach all afro american men who think they can kill,rape,call their women all kind of negative stuff that God is not sleeping for the day of judgement will come

  3. Zachary says:

    I doubt he will be out until 2020. The industry wants him free but the law wants him to serve his time.

  4. crome says:

    what is the address to the jail he is being held at….

    • Herb says:

      Trenton state prison 300 2nd street, Trenton nj. 08625. Doesn’t matter if you don’t have his jail or sbi number, it will be returned to sender You also need his location within the prison. ie; A wing 2north 35


      John Doe SBI #123456A
      New Jersey State Prison
      300 Second street
      unit 2L12
      Trenton, NJ

      NJDOC is real picky when comes to mail. Have to have all the info, or they will return it in a heartbeat. Also if money orders are involved, only get them from the post office or your bank. Again, they are really strict about this stuff. Hope this helped. Been a guest of NJDOC twice. If any problems, HMU

  5. Anonymous says:

    Free Max B

  6. Fresson says:

    good riddance

    • Fresson says:

      Killed this man for $1000, laptop, he should had been given the death penalty and the girls should had gotten life without the parole, 5 people lose life and freedom for some fake, broke, no hit rapper, (everyone calls themselves a rapper, I’m a rapper to in that case)see that small stack of 100’s he is flashing shows you all you need to know on his values, please keep him pass 2042 that is to soon for release, did he said he will put out music while doing time, dud, do they have studios in prison, how is he going to put out music from jail when he wasn’t putting out music when he was free so he’s still in denial
      thank you Lord for locking this scum bucket up

      • 3 max says:

        Your fuckin stupid were there does it say 5 people lost there life it was max hos step brother n his girl tht all snitched on him max b planned the robbery and got convicted for conspiracy n got the maximum sentence even do he wernt present at da crime and didnt plan for any murder? Thts bullshit n u jus a fucking hater weres your fanbase? Mixtape? And hundred dollar bills? You no so much about him but dnt like him u jus a h8in piece ov shit

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