Ar Ab Blasts Cass. Says Cassidy Should Own Up To His Rape Charge

Cassidy vs. Meek Mill

The Cassidy Vs. Meek Mill Saga Continues…

Just when you thought the Cass vs. Meek Mill controversy might just stay “music” here comes the predictable. In an attempt to launch his own movement former Cassidy affiliate Ar Ab has joined the fray, all the while insisting that he wants to stay “out of it”.

ar ab1Ar Ab has posted his response to Meek Mill’s “Repo”. The video was posted yesterday and has already amassed 102,091 views 1,634 comments. During the 43 minute vlog Ar Ab breaks down his relationship with Cassidy and claims that he is posting a response because people constantly tweet him and ask him why he doesn’t speak up about the Meek Mill vs. Cassidy battle.

Ab says that if he gets involved it will definitely spill over into the streets and he will not get any financial support from Cassidy. Ab also claims that Swizz Beats doesn’t like Cassidy.

Ar Ab to Cassidy: “Claim that rape you was locked up for. stop claimin’ the homicide”

According to VLADTV Cassidy has tweeted the following (see pic below). It appears that Cassidy is planning to post a response to Ar Ab. The comment section at VLADTV aint feelin’ Ar Ab for this one. Someone in the comment section even picked up one on the fact that Ab said he aint high at the beginning of the video and then claims to have popped 5 perc’s at the end of the vlog. SMH.

Cassidy Ar Ab response tweet1Not sure if Ab is gonna post any music behind all this but he posted a link under his vlog to his datpiff mixtapes. Check it out if you want. If you haven’t heard the “Repo” track by Meek Mill click here.


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