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TheTrutherGirl Speaks On Trayvon Martin and the Race War False Flag

When Trayvon Martin was killed by George Zimmerman, was it a random act? Was it racially motivated? Could the Trayvon Martin killing have been part of some false flag operation? One Youtuber gives her perspective on the media’s role in … Continue reading

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What Causes Racial Tension Anyway?

It seems that there is no shortage of conflict between people. One of the most talked about but least understood illnesses known to mankind is racism. Now I usually listen instead of speak when it comes to matters of race … Continue reading

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This Bathroom Is For Whites Only….You’re Kidding Right?

Over 200 employees of the Turner Industries Group LLC have filed a lawsuit against the company for what they say was a failure to act. Current and former employees of Turner Industries Group LLC allege that they have endured racial … Continue reading

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