Is Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron A Victim Or Terrorist?

News Media has focused heavily on Ra Diggs Twitter and Youtube activity in the coverage of Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron’s legal precedings. Ra Diggs and his supporters cry foul, say his constitutional rights have been violated. Diggs (Herron) says he is indigent and is the object of an overzealous cop’s investigation. I’m not sure where to start with this as it is complicated and extremely hard to be objective. I’ll relay the story to you as I’ve found it thus far:

According to the Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron has been accused of terrorizing the community (Gowanus Houses in Brooklyn) by Brooklyn US. Attorney Loretta Lynch.

I first heard about Ra Diggs last year from a friend who had heard from a friend. You know, the streets talk type of thing. Though I search for news and music news almost daily I’ve never “come across” any press about Diggs until recently. Prior to yesterday all info I had heard about Ra Diggs was word of mouth.

Here’s the story as I’ve heard it, Ra Diggs is a hustler from Gowanus Houses who was making progress as a rapper/entertainer. His most notable project to date a song called “Live By the Gun” with Waka Flocka that was respected by street dudes. At some point Ra bragged on twitter about having shooters who were willing to kill cops, soon after he was arrested.

Fast forward to yesterday morning. I stop by and notice a headline: ‘RA DIGGS’ HERRON INDICTED BY FEDS FOR INVOLVEMENT IN 3 MURDERS. The article links me to [NYDAILY] where I read:

Federal prosecutors have charged Ronald (Ra Diggs) Herron with three brutal slayings — including one connected to his online boasts.
A Brooklyn Federal Court grand jury indicted him on Monday for the murders, which prosecutors say are connected to his drug enterprise in the Gowanus Houses.
Herron, a gangleader who terrorized his community and made YouTube clips extolling his murderous crew, could face the death penalty, according to authorities. [read more]

It almost seems unreal. I can’t say whether or not the prosecutor’s have their facts straight. What I do know is that the streets tend to think that Ra Diggs meant what he said in his rhymes. A few months ago I read an article about Lil Boosie which details lyrics that prosecutors may use against Boosie. Prosecutors claim that Boosie had referenced actual murders (and shooters) in his rhymes. I was dumbfounded then (yeah that’s the word, dumbfounded) and now this.

In a perfect world or even a just court system, twitter conversation would usually be considered hearsay. Facts are facts and Twitter is a gossip site more than it is anything else.

My guess is that that prosecutors will rely on character assasination more than facts to help secure a guilty verdict against Diggs. To me this seems to be common practice. That being said, I can understand why character witnesses make such an impact at jury trials. Ideally everyone has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty but on the flipside the level of arrogance and/or stupidity of some of my people is hard to defend. Who in their right mind would even hint at catching a body if their name was associated with an unsolved murder case?

Is this a case of someone taking a negative situation and trying to make the best of a rough life or a rapper willingly exploiting himself before a record label gets a chance to do it? In this situation, Diggs’ twitter account is his own character witness. After this kind of press, could Ronald Herron possibly get a fair trial? Anybody feel like playing devil’s advocate?

But back to the most sobering part of this story, I know people who’ve killed before. I don’t know anyone who was actually happy about it. To think that someone might actually brag on twitter about catchin’ a body on a social network blows my mind.

Web rants put Bloods big in hole


Read open letter from Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron below:

Page 1,page 2,page 3,page 4

Ronald Herron #78527-053
MDC Brooklyn
PO Box 329002
Brooklyn, NY 11232

48 Responses to Is Ronald “Ra Diggs” Herron A Victim Or Terrorist?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Time for for black people to unite and let’s all get down I got to have it! Ed o g and the Bulldogs we need rap like tht to come back fuck all the stupid shit ain’t getting us no where but dead or in jail!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t the crime if you can’t do the crime yeah don’t do it barreta

  3. guttaskeez says:

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  4. stabmasta says:

    Come come fellows there’s no need for all that nonsense what what. Cant we all just get along???

  5. deeznuts says:

    Oh yeah? you sound like a bleeding heart liberal nigger lover. Welfare and huge rims for everyone huh?

  6. deeznuts says:

    Fuck a rah diggs. They should hang that dirty nigger right in the middle of his projects as an example to all the little niggers as an example. I hope some skinhead fuckers rape his baboon ass with a mop handle. I hope somebody kills his whole family while he’s in the clink.

  7. lovegigi2u2 says:

    Loretta Lunch has been chosen by President Obama to lead the Justice Department SMH….

  8. Don says:

    Remember those five teenage boys convicted of raping the jogger in Central Park in 1989. It seemed like everyone was convinced they were guilty. I mean, it was like there wasn’t even the slightest doubt they were innocent.. So they served over 20 years in prison…. And then in 2002, a serial rapist confessed to the crime…. The lesson from that– You just NEVER know the truth, unless you were there. So let the man have his due process. Hopefully, in the end the truth come out…

  9. Fly boy 187 says:

    Free Ra diggs…

  10. Anonymous says:

    He is a coward who was born and bred by the streets! He talked of a life he definitely lived and inevitably told on his damn self! He is not only an idiot, but, he is a coward who never fought in his life! He simply pulled triggers! For his deeds, he will inevitably be executed by our system of Justice, which is the FAIR fate for such a “BIG HOMIE!” You fucking loser!

  11. Ra diggs pulls trigs kills nigs sings to pigs…his own star witness lol

  12. Anonymous says:


  13. Anonymous says:

    Ra diggs is the truth! Fuck you cock buffing haters! FREE THE BIG HOME!!!!!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    All yo motherfuckers who wish him death go suck a dick & die. You mother fuckers dont know him at all.

  15. jibby jib says:

    from London city, 3 RA DIGGS , one ov the best brooklyn (NY) rappers eva. no justice no peace!!

  16. machossis says:

    That piece of shit killed my brother a father of 3 kids who now have no father!! So all u ra digg fans need to think wat if he killed ur brother, your father, or ur son?? Hes a killer, a drug dealer who was dum enough to rat himself out online. I hope he gets the death penelty for everythinghe has put my family through hes worthless and if they let him out he will just kill someone elses brother or father maybe urs!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      First in formost keep ur comments to urself…u dnt no for sure if my fam did that…rs…ur bro prolly was in the mix as well so dnt be on her acting like homeboy wasnt in the streets sometimes thas the price u pay death…

    • I’m sorry for you lost, may god keep you and your family close, I understand how you feel for I to lost my son in that place, so I know your pain, I can’t speak on a topic I have no knowledge of, but I know for a fact those people aren’t right, If the man commit a crime then it’s only right to pay the time, I read his letter on the next page he speaks very well, but I’m not blind ether I know how to read between the lines, all I can say is pray on it that God grants you justice and the deed will be done.

    • stabmasta says:

      Fuck your brother

  17. Anonymous says:

    @Mike na you don’t know the homie he was all of the above but if you play by street rules then the niggas that died were killed for a reason

  18. Fuck radiggs says:

    And all you niggas talkin for him like he is a good person ya should be right next to him getting your ass fuck too lol cause ya on his dick and I bet never even sent the faggot a dollar just sucking for free lol

    • Anonymous says:

      Nigga u a fucking plus u urself could of been one of the person murdered by diggs and i’d laugh at u cuz dat wat u get fa being a bitch posten ur sad comment bout someone whu u kno would fuck u up get a life and grow up u goon

    • Anonymous says:

      Eat shit pussy

    • Kdcombo says:

      You crazy as hell. I support this dude Ra Diggs because he had a good spirit and i could feel his music n authenticity.

  19. Fuck radiggs says:

    F**k that nig wanna be tupac fake bit*h ass nigga snitching on his self stupid mother fu*ker I hope he didn’t get death I hope he rots in jail with all the di*ks going in his ass that’s what he desevers for what he did now they could him the big homie with the big bloody ass hole lol

  20. Daniel says:

    He didnt say he caught a body he said he best a body in refrence to beating his murder trial or being acquited he was just happy that he beat it and so what if he raps about being a killer and so on it’s just music almost every rapper claims to of killed before and so on listen to uncle murda that is all he raps about but he isn’t being tried he even talks bout killing the person who shot him nothing there so yea it’s bullshit and with out hard evidence he should be released

  21. Anonymous says:

    Free Ra Diggs BIG HOMIE one love respect realest rapper since 2pac fuck u guys hating on him and saying to kill him you guys obviosly never lived as underpriveledged as us,have you ever not ate for 3 days ?have you ever even gone to bed hungry ?have you ever grown up without a father or mother and had nothing but the streets to take care of you and feed you ?fuck outa here faggot ass motherfuckers

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      not eating for 3 days not growing up without parents(which he had a mother)having clean cloths etc does not mean you grow up and be a huslter/killer,look at judge mathis,tyler perry oprah winfrey for gods sakes stop with those dumbs ass reasons for doing bird brain shyt

  22. Anonymous says:

    Foxx why you such a hater why you preying on Ra Diggs down fall? You proberly got herbed your who life . You mad cause Ra fucked your wife don’t blame him blame the game . Free Ra diggs you heard

  23. ol d b says:


  24. Foxx says:

    Please, stop this!! Stop giving this murderous bastard a platform! Stop writing about him! The fact of the matter is he was aware of the “overzealous cop” and that cop’s eagerness to lock him up, but he refused to take heed. He is his own worst enemy; the level of stupidity in his actions will go down in history I tell you!! The best way for this tale to end would be that he gets an asshole full of time and then decides to take his destiny by the balls!! Take his destiny in his own hands by reaching for the court officer’s gun so they could blow his brains out in the middle of the courtroom! Yeah, that wld be awesome AND he could die a legend. Die that “real nigga” he wanted to be all his life. That wld be the perfect ending for “the Big Homie of the real Big Homie”. At this point its getting ridiculous! How many lives does this career criminal have???? Just DIE ALREADY, u fucking cockaroach!!!!!

    • Foxx says:

      I totally agree!! An “accident” needs to happen to him on his way to court. Judge Garrafus (sp?) needs to hurry up and snuff his lights out! Sad part is, even though he is “facing the death penalty” the state of NY will never execute him, smH! If they let him go he will be WORSE THAN EVER. Now is the time. No intimidating of witnesses, no bullshit plea deals. NONE OF THAT. Just FINISH HIM already!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Kill urself if u dnt like my cuzzin…buddie who got off dead fuck em anyway…if u from Gp stand up…aint no real ppl in Gp talkin no dumb shit bout him…aint nothin but luv cause i aint letting nobody put dirt on his name…hold ur head buzzin in rip Nick…much luv

      • Anonymous says:

        Fox your a hatin faggot mf, if you got the balls tuff guy put your address and number up there so we could see how tuff you are. Bitch.

    • Daniel says:

      So you no he did these killings? You were there? Every rapper raps about this shit it’s music if you wanna believe his raps you’re the stupid one every rapper creates a persona if being real or a thug that’s all he was doing

      • Mike says:

        Ra Diggs made music period. He’s no killer or drug dealer. He gave his fans what they wanted to hear and now his words have been take literally and blown out of proportion. He’s a real man and a great person. I wish him the best and pray for him everyday.

    • unknown says:

      He’s a piece of shit that left innocent kids without a father he deserves the death penalty. He’s a monster a man with no heart or soul. He is the devil

      • Anonymous says:

        The truth is the truth…

      • Anonymous says:

        To see a man’s true character. ..give him power …Some abuse it and this is what happens. ..stay loyal to yourself. ..what goes up MUST COME down.. man dissappear..One more off the street…thanks F.B.I

      • Seven Isreal says:

        Okay enough of all this foolish and fuckery. Everybody has a story to tell. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. All rap is is entertainment for the people that enjoys it. I see all this he a coward this and he’s a coward that. But what I am mostly seeing is unknown and anonymous. Now tell me again who is the coward? Stop wishing death on people. Who are you to judge this man that most of you know nothing about. People kill me love to pass judgement with all those damn skeletons in their closet. Rappers rap about shit that they never did a day in their life. That is common knowledge my bad most don’t possess that knowledge. Stop judging people off of the media and tel lies vision.I hope he gets a new trial with unbiased jurors. Half of you don’t even know why he raps about the things he raps about or his distain for the police. FYI he seen his best friend killed by a police officer when he was around 12 no more than 14. So do research before you start bashing some one for hearsay the way they live their life. He is going to be just fine just because a lot of you don’t want him to be. Trust and believe he has a lot of love in the belly of the beast. The funny thing is probably most of you that are judging him off of hearsay and jealousy claim to be religious. That being said you are not to judge people.Enough said I’m done. Just wake up because right now you people are no better than what u saying the Big Homie is. Ra keep your head up n FUCK the negativity.

      • jaymo says:

        Do u actually know him. Your going by what you hear, i know him personally cause we grew up together dude wasn’t a saint or no shit like that but he wasn’t the person they made him out to be. My thing is if thats the case about his music what about 50 he talks about dude who shot him getting killed why not go after him. The thing is he was acquitted of the murder made some money now he’s public enemy #1, sounds more like a grudge than justice

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