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Beyoncé Debates The Concept of Beauty In “Pretty Hurts”

“My aspiration would be to be happy” “perfection is disease of a nation”…That’s very deep. So, it has come to light that many girls starve themselves, use makeup, or even go as far as to get plastic surgery in order to … Continue reading

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Historical Cases of False Flags and Government Deception

While reading up on Russia, Putin and the situation in Crimea I have noticed that the new trend is to compare the events to a false flag operation. The term “False flag operation” describes secretive deceptive operations designed to appear … Continue reading

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The Power of Suggestion: Study Suggests A Woman’s Mental Health Can Be Manipulated

Dove: Patches – The Power of Suggestion I saw this commercial on youtube called “Dove: Patches”. It seems that Dove has partnered with a psychologist to promote a study that  unlocks “a powerful feeling of beauty that lives inside all women”. … Continue reading

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Yasiin Bey: It’s Not A Skirt. “It’s a wrap from Ghana.”

So I caught this article about Yasiin Bay [aka Might Mos Def]. It seems that during a Music Exchange conference [where he was a keynote speaker] he answered questions about his controversial attire. This comes at a time when many people … Continue reading

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Bizzle Explains Why He Compared Homosexuality To Pedophilia

Bizzle Explains Why He Compared Homosexuality To Pedophilia I told you I would be following up on this story. As you know, Bizzle [The Christian Rapper] has recorded a response song to Macklemore’s  song “Same Love”. At one point during Bizzle’s response … Continue reading

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Bizzle vs Macklemore [Response To Macklemore’s “Same Love” Inspiring Hate or Intelligent Debate?]

Today I’m posting Bizzle’s response to the controversy surrounding Macklemore’s “Same Love“. I know I am late posting this. I like lyrics that stimulate thought and songs that evoke emotion. Bizzle has definitely branded himself as an effective writer [I … Continue reading

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Dr. Martin Luther King Was Not Afraid To Die For What He Believed In

Dr. Martin Luther King’s Prophetic Speech Below is a clip from a bold speech given by Dr. Martin Luther King. He seems to know clearly that his life was in danger. Prior to his assassination Dr. Martin Luther King spoke … Continue reading

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South Sudan: ‘White Army’ Takes On South Sudanese Military

According to reports, a political dispute between former Vice President Machar and the current administration [in South Sudan] has escalated to violence. Though the reports I’ve read have stopped short of referring to the event as a “civil war”, that … Continue reading

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Jerome Corsi Explains Why He Feels That The U.S. Will Soon Be Run By China

Jerome Corsi  Says That China Is Taking Over The U.S. Text Box Info: Published on Feb 6, 2013 The Obama administration is quietly allowing China to acquire major ownership interests in oil and natural gas resources across the U.S. The … Continue reading

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Talib Kweli Narrates A Slave Story and Discusses The Importance of “Family”. What Do You Think of It?

I have mixed emotions about this one but I’ll save the commentaries this time. Kinsey Untold Stories: Talib Kweli/ Family First Vlog info:The Kinsey Collection holds a letter granting Henry Butler, an African American man in the 1900’s, the opportunity … Continue reading

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