Yasiin Bey: It’s Not A Skirt. “It’s a wrap from Ghana.”


Mos Def Attends The Cape Town Music Exchange

So I caught this article about Yasiin Bay [aka Might Mos Def]. It seems that during a Music Exchange conference [where he was a keynote speaker] he answered questions about his controversial attire. This comes at a time when many people in the hiphop community are increasingly alarmed about the trend of men wearing feminine clothing. According to Bey he is NOT wearing a skirt, he is wearing wrap from Ghana. Okay cool, I

Ghanaian men wearing kente cloth.

Ghanaian men wearing kente cloth.

guess… except, from what I can tell, Ghanaian men don’t wear “wraps” around their waist.

After some reading I found that Ghanaian men may however wear Kente cloth in a manner consistent with the included pictures. I’m definitely a fan of Yasiin Bey so I’m on the fence about this “wrap” thing until I can learn more.

Ghanaian wrap 1

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