Bizzle Explains Why He Compared Homosexuality To Pedophilia


Bizzle Explains Why He Compared Homosexuality To Pedophilia

Bizzle VLADTV 1I told you I would be following up on this story. As you know, Bizzle [The Christian Rapper] has recorded a response song to Macklemore’s  song “Same Love”. At one point during Bizzle’s response song he made a comparison of gay people to pedophiles. Bizzle’s logic was/is as follows:

Bizzle believes that if gay people can use the explanation of “I was born this way,” or “I didn’t choose to be like this,” as reasons to defend their sexuality and who they are as individuals, then a pedophile can use the same reasons to explain why they are attracted to children.

I’m not going to inject any opinion just yet as I suspect that VLADTV has a few more clips to post from this interview. You can watch Bizzle’s recorded interview below:


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