Bizzle vs Macklemore [Response To Macklemore’s “Same Love” Inspiring Hate or Intelligent Debate?]


Bizzle vs Macklemore 2Today I’m posting Bizzle’s response to the controversy surrounding Macklemore’s “Same Love“. I know I am late posting this. I like lyrics that stimulate thought and songs that evoke emotion. Bizzle has definitely branded himself as an effective writer [I haven’t posted any Bizzle in a while so this is overdue].

Now, if you aint up on thangs, in Macklemore’s “Same Love” he suggested that marriage equality [gay vs straight etc.] is a step in the right direction for harmony in society. However, promoting homosexuality as a righteous way of life is in stark contrast to fundamental Christian beliefs.

Christian fans have called upon Bizzle to respond. Bizzle’s response been out for over a month but uhh… it’s still generating much conversation. Dare I say that atleast some of the conversation has been productive? You know I dig deep into the comment sections.

Perhaps the following music can inspire a more progressive dialogue about a polarizing topic. To me, it’s entirely too early to be pessimistic about progress but judging from a VLADTV interview that I saw today, conversation won’t be dying down anytime soon.

The controversy surrounding gay marriage isn’t new [Macklemore’s track isn’t very new either]. Outside of spontaneous expressions of sympathy, the c-sections are filled with relatively little useful commentary. To me, both artists express themselves well musically. Can we be inspired to express our ideas as eloquently? Hmmm…

Bizzle – “Same Love” Response
Bizzle - Same Love Response

Below is the music video for Macklemore’s “Same Love“. Very deep and thought provoking visuals to go along with the lyrics. Check it out below:

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Same Love” [Feat. Mary Lambert]

I’ll be posting more to this story as I get a chance. Bizzle is already claiming that he’s been threatened and harassed by LGBT activists. VLADTV has been covering hiphop’s reaction to the gay agenda,etc.,etc.


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