On Building An Empire, DJ Vlad Says “Consistency” Is The Key!


DJ VLAD-SWITMDJ Vlad sat down with Sway In The Morning for a four part interview to discuss a wide variety of topics. Vlad gave some tips to up and coming artists and encouraged them to use the internet to their advantage.

During one part of the interview Sway and Vlad discuss balancing morals vs. profit. Vlad indicates that there have been several instances where he chose to “do the right thing” as opposed to making a quick buck.

Click through the videos below to see what DJ Vlad had to say:

DJ Vlad Talks Documentaries and Humble Beginnings With Sway

DJ Vlad on Making It Via The Internet

DJ Vlad Talks Competition and Morals vs. Business

DJ Vlad on Lord Jamar’s “Whites are Guests in Hip-Hop” Comment


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