KOTD – Rap Battle – The Deadman vs Chilla Jones


KOTD – Rap Battle – The Deadman vs Chilla Jones

KOTD LogoDeadman vs Chilla Jones 1KOTD – Rap Battle – The Deadman vs Chilla Jones

L.A.’s own The Deadman has had one of the best years in battling as far as padding his resume. Before 2013, The Deadman was still working to establish himself among his fellow newcomers in the Fresh Coast scene, just beginning to break through the rest of the pack. From then on, the rising star began to command bigger and bigger matchups, developing his style and getting better with each outing. With a recent battle streak including opponents such as The Saurus, RemyD, Cocky, and now Chilla Jones, The Deadman has spent the past 12 months gathering momentum and shows no signs of slowing down. Back on King of the Dot, The Deadman earned his spot on the Battle of the Bay 6 card and faces off against one of his biggest challengers to date.

One of, if not the biggest proponent of the Boston battle scene, Chilla Jones has put on for his city like no other. A member of the sophomore class of the URL PG crowd, Chilla came up battling the likes of Cash Eatin, B-Magic and M. Ciddy. Showing prodigious talent for battling, Chilla has redefined what a rhyme scheme is, incorporating his penchant for associative word play into his style. With recent showings against DNA and Young Kannon, Jones is quickly moving up the ranks and has already seen action on the URL mainstage. Making his debut in King of the Dot as well as California, Chilla Jones features on Battle of the Bay 6 as one half of the clash between himself and The Deadman.

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