KOTD – Rap Battle – Daylyt vs Head I.C.E.


KOTD – Rap Battle – Daylyt vs Head I.C.E.

Daylyt vs Head ICE 1Daylyt vs Head ICE 2

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Published on Dec 9, 2013
#BO4 – Jan 24th & 25th – @PatStay VS @MrDizaster + 18 Epic Battles *Watch the PPV from your phone* http://www.KOTDTV.com
@KingOfTheDot – #BOTB6 – @DAYLYT2k vs @HeadIce
Hosted By: @LushOne & @AspectOne
#BLACKOUT4 PPV available NOW!!! http://www.KOTDTV.com
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Clearly very comfortable being surrounded by controversy, Daylyt seems to have the singular goal of becoming the most talked about figure in battle rap. Not far from achieving his goal, his recent antic-centric performances have earned him both a legion of followers and haters alike, a fact that doesn’t seem to bother him one bit. The Watts, CA emcee does not just act out in battles; he has more than the skills needed to back up his actions. Known for packing his bars full of associate wordplay and coldly delivered punchlines, Day has proven time and time again that he is a threat to any and all challengers willing to step into the ring with him. With an impressive resume including matches against Shotty Horroh, Pass, and Math Hoffa, Daylyt is back in his native state ready to take on one his toughest opponents to date.
One of the most legendary figures to grace a battle stage, Head Ice is about as revered as battle rappers come. With a swag-heavy style, Ice commands any room he is in with his intimidating yet somehow still personable demeanor. A veteran coming out of the Lionz Den, Ice has been battling for years, dating back to street corner battles in Harlem against historic emcees such as Big L. Since then, Ice has been seen on a variety of stages, taking on emcees such as Pat Stay, Swave Sevah and Cortez. Appearing for the first time in California as a battler, Head Ice arrives in town to take on hometown hero Daylyt in one of the best matchups from King of the Dot’s epic event Battle of the Bay 6.

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