KOTD – Rap Battle – Pass vs DNA


KOTD – Rap Battle – Pass vs DNA


Text Box Info:
@KingOfTheDot – #BOTB6 – @Pass510 vs @DNA_GTFOH
Hosted By: @LushOne
#QUARANTINE PPV available NOW!!! http://www.KOTDTV.com
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Every time DNA battles in King of the Dot, he puts on a classic. His battle with Dizaster has set the standard for all subsequent KOTD battles, racking up more than 2 million YouTube views to date. His battle against Eurgh might have been the best from the stacked card at Vendetta in 2012. And his recent battle versus Charron, booked on only eight days’ notice, was arguably the most entertaining match at World Domination 4. Reppin Queens, New York, DNA emerged on the battle scene as a teenage phenom with frightening potential. Since then, his stock has soared, with invites to every major battle league worldwide. A consummate professional, DNA always gets the crowd hyped with energetic performances, and his freestyle/rebuttal ability makes him a tough matchup for any MC. Judging by his track record, expect another classic from DNA at Battle of the Bay 6.
If there was a Mount Rushmore of West Coast battle MCs, Pass would make the cut. The Oakland native is a respected veteran with notable battles dating back to the Scribble Jam era, and his infamous clash with Hollow Da Don was named the No. 1 battle of all time by website RapGrid. In the ring, Pass is a veritable fact-checker, prone to explaining why his opponents are fake gangsters with nary a blemish on their criminal records. His top-notch flow and projection make it light work for Pass to outshine his opponents. His record includes notable bouts against Philly Swain, Daylyt and K-Shine, with his most recent KOTD battle coming against RemyD. In front of a home audience, Pass should deliver another standout performance.

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3 Responses to KOTD – Rap Battle – Pass vs DNA

  1. Da-exorcist says:

    And in case any of ya wana do something funny,here goes–my flow razing like a fireball hurtling to earth,lazy lying leeches licking your blood,now you coughing niggaz whooping the air,like the terrible twos i throw the tantrums,so better run or die trying fighting ma phantom,like plato’s philosophy picking pressure points in ur mind,now scram ruff jiggaz,cos am the best MC,not kendrick jigga or Nas.. ..chaaa!!

  2. Da-exorcist says:

    Am the best rapper here,why? Am better than kendrick lamar on spitting bars,Nas can’t take me out,eminem is going to tartarus like the titans sending zeus to jail,…hahaha loud boast right? Don’t care just bring it on

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