Announcement: Song Writing Contest and Publishing Deal


Song Writing Contest and Publishing Deal

James Donaldson Publishing Group, LLC is a publishing company formed by songwriters James Donaldson Publishingfor the songwriters. The Publishing Group is sponsoring a contest.

There will be 3 guaranteed winners of the top prize and those 3 will all receive the same 1st Place Prize:

  • 1) A single song contract with James Donaldson Publishing Group
  • 2) A 2 year reversion clause – the song and demo become yours if not placed within a 2 year period.
  • 3) The Industry’s only Songwriter’s Benefits Package

a. A share of the company’s profits
b. An opportunity to earn an additional 10% of the publisher’s royalty
c. A free and professional demo of your song – using the same studio that we use for all of our recordings
d. Use of our critiquing services on future songs at N/C
e. No additional fees normally charged by publishers
i. No Administrative fees
ii. No Accounting fees
iii. No Interest charges on royalty loans
iv. No Advertising fees
v. No Document fees

  • 4) Opportunities to meet and co write with several of the industry’s advanced writers
  • 5) A signed 1st Place Certificate of Songwriting Excellence validating your accomplishment from James Donaldson Publishing Group, LLC
  • 6) Your song will be plugged by one of Nashville’s best known song pluggers

All others will receive correspondence explaining why their song was not chosen and a professional critique of the song.

Submission requires:

Your song(s) and lyrics (open to all genres). $20.00 per song entered into the contest.

• To get the updates follow subzinfo on Facebook or Twitter.

• Do you have a google account? Join the forum on Youtube.


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