KOTD – Rap Battle – Deffinition vs PH


KOTD Banner 4KOTD – Rap Battle – Deffinition vs PH

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Published on Nov 14, 2013
A longtime veteran of not only battle rap, but of the underground music scene as well, PH (formerly Pumpkinhead) has been involved with hip hop in one way or another for almost 30 years. Coming out of Brooklyn, PH first began to get involved with the modern battle scene through Grindtime, both battling and presiding over the New York Division. During this time, PH participated in battles with some of the best of the day, including matches with Dumbfoundead, Dizaster, and Eurgh. Nowadays, PH can be seen battling on both the King of the Dot stage as well as smaller leagues throughout the country. Known for his aggressive style and commanding stage performance, PH hopes to overcome Deffinition in this next release from World Domination 4.
One of the best known battle rappers emerging from the UK, Deffinition has built a reputation for himself over the course of his more than four year career. One of the essential ingredients in building Don’t Flop’s foundation, Deff featured in early battles against Oshea, Dirtbag Dan and Madness. Continuing to earn respect from the veterans in the game, the Newcastle emcee went on to jump in the ring with the likes of D-lor, Caustic, and even had a title match against Tony D, that ended in a controversial loss for him. A regular in Canada, Deffintion has appeared at every World Domination event, and returns yet again this year to take on Brooklyn’s own PH.

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