Pusha T Says That He Wasn’t Wearing A Skirt In That Pic


Pusha T Says Kanye Has Cemented Himself In The Fashion World By Taking Chances But…

Pusha T 2VLADTV has released another segment from their interview with [G.O.O.D. Music] recording artist Pusha T [Check out the first part by clicking here].

During this segment Pusha T is breaking down Kanye West’s  conquests in the fashion world [wearing a skirt, umm kilt]. Pusha breaks down why he thinks Kanye wore Kanye West Kiltthe “skirt” during his “Watch the Throne” tour with Jay Z. Push says that he believes Kanye’s choice of clothing was to show the dichotomy between the two rappers.

Pusha T also said that he feels Kanye has cemented himself in the fashion world by taking chances but clarifies that wearing skirts wasn’t/isn’t “for him” [Pusha].

He added that the posts that are floating through the blogosphere of him wearing a skirt are false. He explains that the pictures are from his performance at Coachella and that he was actually wearing baggy leather shorts.

Coachella | Day TwoPusha T: Kanye’s Skirt Wasn’t for Me

The Boondocks – Ganstalicious Fashion Line

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