Man Accidently Shoots His Wife During Struggle [Video]


Good Morning America featured a story about a domestic dispute between two Ohio men
that ended in a man accidentally shooting his own wife.  The incident happened August 25, 2013 in Chardon Township, Ohio.

SchusslerAccording to reports Tony Molchak was dropping of his daughter at the home of his ex-wife when he got into an argument with her boyfriend, Gary Schussler, over the girl’s schedule.

The argument escalated and as can be seen in the video resulted in Molchak punching Schussler in the face. Schussler responded by pulling out a gun. As Molchak’s wife Shelly recorded the fight with a cellphone, Schussler approached and then kicked her.

Schussler Molchak fightSomewhere during the scuffle Schussler dropped the gun. Molchak reportedly picked up the weapon just before it discharged, hitting his wife Shelly in the back.

Shelly was flown to the hospital and treated for a collapsed lung. In the meanwhile Molchak has been charged with negligent assault on his own wife. Schussler was also charged with having a weapon while intoxicated and assault. Both cases are still pending.

Man Accidently Shoots His Wife During Struggle – Caught on Tape

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