Artist Spotlight: Hazadas [of Those Guyz]


Proud to post another artist on the comeup that you should look for. His name is Hazadas. After a brief search assisted by my good friends at Google I was able to get some background on “H”. You should know that Hazadas has a Reverbnation page where you can get a sense for his sound. Here’s an excerpt taken verbatim from Haz’s bio:

Hazadas of Those Guyz better known to his peers as H started music at a relatively tender age. Beknown to the world he actually began as a Video Jockey in elementary. Let’s say ‘mixtape master’ since he did those with his stereo before learning anything professional. It’s safe to say he oozes cool but in reality he’s a computer nerd. He learnt how to mix as early as 2005 using professional software i.e Virtual Dj, Serato, Sony Vegas and Acid Pro among many more.

Seeing as he came from a musical family it didn’t take long for him to acknowledge the music bug in his conscience.

Check out the latest single from Hazadas called #laurynhill. It’s the lead out single from his forthcoming EP.

Hazadas of Those Guyz – “#LAURYNHILL”

Hazadas Laurynhill artwork1

Shout out to Militia Republic for hustling hard on behalf of their artist.

Blackageinc Tweet 1

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2 Responses to Artist Spotlight: Hazadas [of Those Guyz]

  1. Ricko Alvez says:

    feelin it,

  2. OG Miller says:

    dat boy nice!! Dope sht, hp he gat mo in-store!

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