Lady Luck Is Plotting A Return To Battle Rap


Lady Luck Is Plotting A Return To Battle Rap

Lady_LuckAs I scrolled through VLADTV I caught an article about some Twitter feud between Lady Luck and Bonnie Godiva. While it was entertaining to read about Luck and Bonnie exchanging punches via Twitter [if you want to read that article you can click here] something about the whole thing seemed off.

Bonnie Tweet

I’ll recap the situation as I understood it. Bonnie was on when somebody asked her about battling Lady Luck. Bonnie answered by saying that Luck is a legend but also suggested that Luck was outdated. That interview somehow made it to Lady Luck’s timeline. The [normally laid back] femcee known as Lady Luck responded with hostility and accused Bonnie of disrespect. That is when the war of words started.

Lady Luck Tweet 1After reading the tweets, I reluctantly came to the conclusion that Lady Luck was threatening to return to battle rap solely to put Bonnie in her place.  I technically had no reason to think otherwise. In the back of my mind the whole situation still didn’t seem quite right though. Later on while browsing through Shot97 I found this:

At the 2:25 mark Star from Battle Rap Media announces that Lady Luck will return to “battle rap” in February 2013.

Ahh, and now its clear to me. So Luck jumped out that window on the unsuspecting Bonnie Godiva to drum up a lil’ publicity for her return to battle rap. I wonder if the fans can get Bonnie to battle Luck. Luck told Bonnie to get her money together. Bonnie replied by tweeting it’s “2013” get a “sponsor”. Luck aint never been a emcee that you could sleep on.

While browsing Luck’s timeline I found this:

Lady Luck -“Paper Thin”

Update – I just visited Luck’s timeline and found these:

At the 4:30 mark Star speaks about announcing that Lady Luck will return to “battle rap”


At the 5:00 mark Lady Luck interview starts. At the 6:30 mark Lady Luck speaks about Star announcing her return to “battle rap”.

I guess Luck is back. I hope she don’t try to price people out like Mook and Lux though. I’m jus sayin’.

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