Loaded Lux Guest Appearance On Mac Miller’s “Watching Movies With The Sound Off”


Loaded Lux10I had been meaning to check this out since I had heard that Loaded Lux made a guest appearance on Mac Miller‘s album. I found it on Youtube. Loaded Lux is not actually listed on the album’s official tracklisting. The track is called “Red Dot Music” [featuring Action Bronson]. Loaded Lux drops an acapella verse at the end. The song outro begins around 4:29, you wanna hear it?  Here it go:

Mac Miller Feat. Action Bronson [& Loaded Lux ] – “Red Dot Music”

This track appears on Mac Miller’s “Watching Movies With The Sound Off” album. You can purchase the album on Google Play by clicking here.

Someone was nice enough to post the lyrics too:

[Outro: Loaded Lux]

You was Easy Mac with the cheesy raps
Who the f*ck is Mac Miller?
This name says “crack dealing trap n*gga
Slash cat peeler, back with a black stripper
Ass thicker than a snack wrap snicker, too fat to snap zippers”
And half is what I’ll do to Mac Miller
Now my mind’s first track figured
A n*gga who treats his yak richer than elixer
Taps slicker than past tiller
Goes around the room like his cats get finna
Oh you Mac Miller?
The fact’s filtered in the snapped picture
My man jack ripped over Google like Jack the Ripper
Yoohoo, I’m finna murder this brunette b*tch
Get pumped like a flat fixed to become a flat fixture
A rap figure to look like you hacked Twitter
I’ll show you Beastie Boy
You can’t match a killer with that wigger
I’d rather attack Tigger or Jack Triller
He got track fillers for a album
If he had Jigga on an ass sticker
Wouldn’t go cat litter where I’m from
Malcolm, I knock the thoughts off your balcony, King,
You’re from a home of funny bones
Not like quite the one I’ve known
You look like, before you punched in flows
You were struckin’ blows, bloody nose for your honey row
In the lunchroom gettin’ yo money stole
You’re a bully’s Best Day Ever
With them Nike’s on your feet
Coming through Blue Slide Park
I’m gon’ rob this chump
On a party on Fifth Ave like he Donald Trump
N*gga don’t give me that sh*t
I liked you better when you was Easy Mac with the cheesy raps
Who the f*ck is Mac Miller?
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