Beasley From Smack/URL Explains Why $40K Is Not A Reasonable Fee For Loaded Lux


Eric Beasley
VladTV’s exclusive interview with Beasley, which was conducted by Battle Rap journalist Michael Hughes. It’s been said that Lux requested $40,000 to battle Hollow Da Don. In an interview with STAR and HiphopDX, Lux stated that he proposed pay-per-view or streaming to bring in extra revenue.

In this interview Beasley breaks down why  pay-per-view Streaming could backfire on him and his staff after they’ve shelled out so much money on Lux alone. Beasley also mentioned the additional costs surrounding booking venues, production costs, etc

Beasley Explains Why Smack/URL Won’t Pay Lux $40k

Summer Madness 3 is this weekend . During the last two weeks a few top tier battler rappers have expressed frustration with the way business is being run in the Smack/URL camp. Cortez recently posted a blog addressing his personal issues with Smack/URL’s business relationships with battlers, and how he thinks things can be remedied. Cortez suggested that SMACK/URL focus on being more consistent with communication.


If you didn’t see it, here’s the DNA vlog where he recorded himself in the studio spitting a full battle verse while name dropping the entire Summer Madness 3 roster.


Loaded Lux started a buzz online when he released a music video titled “Bout My Money” which VLADTV labeled as a “SMACK diss”. If you haven’t seen it check it out here.

Here’s a post from a battle rap fan. It’s the kind of post that gets people talking and seems to be from one of the fans that everybody is mentioning named AngryFan007 :

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