Jadakiss : I Think Social Media Was Created For Slander…


Jadakiss Speaks On Lack Of Competition In New Rap Music


The SelfMade2MMG channel posted an interview with Jadakiss last month where he spoke about his upcoming album “Top 5 Dead or Alive“. The interview opens up with Jadakiss giving his opinion on social media. He says that sometimes he feels social media a forum for suckers to express themselves behind a keyboard.

I sometimes think social media was created for slander… -Jadakiss

As the interview progresses Jada opens up about his feelings toward the current state of rap music. He says that the talent pool in the rap industry has thinned out. He feels that it is hard to find competition nowadays. He then goes on to say battles are therapeutic for the culture as long as they stay on wax.

A battle is therapeutic for Hiphop -Jadakiss

Jadakiss says that now he finds that the hardest part of creating new music  is dumbing down his lyrics to adjust to the trending stupid songs that are now considered hits.

Jada says his new album is “gonna be like a cleansing of your earlobes from all of this bullshit.”

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