Young MiLLZ – “Welcome To New York” Mixtape [Download]


YOUNG MiLLZ released his “Welcome To New York” mixtape earlier this month. The project features guest appearances from Goodz,Charlie Clips,Hollow Da Don,Big T and more.

Young MiLLZ –  Welcome To New York


1.Hit Me On The Pay Phone
2.Lindsay Lohan
3.Downtown New York Ft. (( Math Hoffa, Hollow Da Don ))
4.Extraterrestrial From New York
5.You Aint Getting Money
6.Uptown New York Ft. (( Goodz, Charlie Clips ))
7.Kevin Durant Chris Paul
8.Young Black And Gifted
9.New York Chicago Ft. (( Big T ))
10.Welcome To New York
11.Greatness Ft. (( Sleek, Loopiano ))
12.I Am New York

Click here to download [or the graphic above to stream]  “Welcome To New York” for free via

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