Math Hoffa Politics With Chilla Jones, Talk Battle Rap; Wants To Battle Beanie Sigel


Math Hoffa Chilla Jones1Just found this vlog. It was recorded back in May prior to the NOME 3 Event and published May 23, 2013. This is definitely an interview still worth posting. Polovision tried to get Chilla Jones to challenge Math Hoffa to a battle.

Highlights from the interview:

  • Chilla Jones explains what needs to happen before he would battle Math Hoffa
  • Math says the ultimate battle would be with Beanie Sigel the day he comes home from prison.
  • Math Hoffa explains the symbolism behind Pac Juice.
  • Math explains why Math Hoffa vs. Murda Mook is the battke that makes the most sense for Mook.
  • This year Math wants to battle Cassidy and Joe Buddens
  • Math gave a recap of the Killaz Battle League Main Event: Math Hoffa vs T-Rex (Rematch)
  • Math Hoffa explains his feelings about full time battle rappers versus halfway/ sometimey battle rappers
  • Math explains why Math Hoffa vs. Serius Jones is not a battle that he cares about


Math Hoffa 2

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