Lil Snupe [born Addarren Ross] Has Passed Away At Age 18

Lil Snupe [Addarren Ross] Has Passed Away At Age 18

Lil Snupe TwitterFamily and friends of Lil Snupe [born Addarren Ross] of Jonesboro, Louisiana are mourning today. The blogosphere and social networks have erupted with mixed emotions, most expressing sorrow that Lil Snupe has passed away. Here is the information as I’ve found it [via Shreveporttimes]

Just after 4 a.m., Winnfield police responding to a call to Maplewood Apartments in the 1900 block of South Jones Street found the 18-year-old Jonesboro resident had been shot at least twice in his torso.

Paramedics were unable to Ross, who was pronounced dead at the scene by Winn Parish coroner’s investigators.

Ross was unable to be revived this morning after being shot to death. Conflicting reports have made it unclear how many times Ross was shot. Some say Ross suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the torso, others say he was shot in the head.


Lil Snupe, who was perhaps most famous for his ability to freestyle (improvise and perform live), appeared to be on the road to success. Lil Snupe was signed to Meek Mill’s imprint Dream Chaser Records. The slogan posted on his Twitter @LilSnupe page says “Started From The Trap Now i Rap!” In the months prior to his death Ross had began to amass an online following after his now infamous $10,000.00 rap battle with Retro.

The message boards and comment sections have began to flood with rumors that Lil Snupe was shot over a dispute in a dice game. He had just celebrated his eighteenth birthday earlier this month. My condolences go out to the Ross family.

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