Sean Garrett Breaks Down The State Of The Music Industry As He Sees It


Sean Garrett Tells The Breakfast Club “I’m Not Happy That The Radio Sounds Like It Sounds”

Sean Garrett Brkfstclb1

I’m not a writer. I’m a producer. I go in and create records from scratch.

Being a producer is not just about making beats.

If you look at the HOT 100 charts, you don’t see any of the urban artists on the HOT 100’s.

-Sean Garrett

Sean Garrett Interview at The Breakfast Club 6-11-13 [power 105.1]

Sean Garrett visited The Breakfast Club recently and discussed a variety of things. At times the conversation became very personal. One of the things Sean announced was that he has a reality show on the way. He also says that he feels that the he is starting to be embraced as an artist. Watch the interview below:

Sean Garrett Brkfstclb2

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