The Mystery of Prince Rupert’s Drop Explained

I just thought that this was really cool. Even if you are not big on science [or consider yourself be scientifically inclined] you will probably still appreciate this.

Mystery of Prince Rupert’s Drop at 130,000 fps – Smarter Every Day 86

Prince Ruperts Drop1Prince Ruperts Drop2Prince Ruperts Drop3

Background: A scholarly account of the early history of Prince Rupert’s Drops is given in the Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London. Most of the early scientific study of the drops was performed at the Royal Society.

The drops are reliably reported to have been made in Mecklenburg in North Germany, at least as early as 1625. However, it has been claimed that they were invented in Holland, hence a common name for them in the 17th century was larmes bataviques or lacrymae Batavicae. The secret of how to make them remained in the Mecklenburg area for some time, although the drops were spread across Europe from there, for sale as toys or entertainments.

It seems clear that Prince Rupert did not discover the drops, but played a role in their history by being the first to bring them to Britain, in 1660. He gave them to King Charles II, who in turn delivered them in 1661 to the Royal Society (which the King had created the previous year) for scientific study. [Source: Wikipedia] [Click here to read more].


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