Jas Fly Breaks Down The Difference Between A Journalist and A Blogger

Jas Fly [ From The Gossip Game ] Visits The Breakfast Club

In case you missed it: Jasmine “Jas Fly” Waters visited The Breakfast Club morning show. I think that even folks who aren’t fans of reality based television would still find the interview fairly  insightful.

Jas and Yee both stated that they would have liked to see more Angela Yee coverage during the show [The Gossip Game]. For the record, Jas says she has no beef with Sharon Carpenter and admits that being drama free doesn’t always translate into interesting television.

Though Jasmine and The Breakfast Club touched on a lot of topics, one of which that stood out to me was journalistic integrity. Jas broke down [what she feels is] the difference between a journalist and a blogger. Click below to watch.

Jas Fly at The Breakfast Club – Power 105.1

Jas Fly 1

Journalists check the facts, bloggers just put information out there without checking it. -Jas Fly

In case you didn’t notice, Charlamagne seems to enjoy following Jas Fly’s timeline. You can follow her too by clicking here. If you’re not familiar with The Gossip Game you can catch up the show by clicking here

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