Ed Markey Or Stephen Lynch? Voting Is Almost Up

Senator John Kerry’s Seat Is Up For Grabs Today

So it’s 5:00 p.m. and I still haven’t voted or even decided on who to vote for. In case you didn’t know, John Kerry’s vacated Senate seat is now up for grabs. Last week a campaign worker for Ed Markey came by the house and spoke with me for about 20 minutes. The campaign worker said the supported Ed Markey for his stance on environmental issues [“Green” jobs and such]. She is pretty even tempered and polite. I thought to myself, atleast Ed Markey is sending people out to my neighborhood. That’s a good sign.

Ed Markey [Malden,MA] is running against fellow U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch [Springfield,MA] in today’s primary special U.S. Senate election.

After the campaign worker came by the other day I had only knew Ed Markey’s name. Since I really wasn’t thinking about the special election [at all] I hadn’t done any research on the candidates. Today I remembered that it was voting day and I quizzed some members of my family on who they would support. That’s when I found out about Stephen Lynch. My dad said that Lynch was more conservative than Markey. I wondered to myself what he was specifically referring to but didn’t ask. I had resigned to doing some reading on my own time instead.

Not too long after I got into the house this evening the phone rang and it was another campaign worker for Ed Markey. I’m thinking to myself, geesh, this guy’s staff doesn’t give Lynch Markey 1up. The staffer asked me whether or not I had voted yet and even offered me a ride to the polls today. I told her that I didn’t mind walking to the polls and then I quizzed the staffer for a little more info on Markey. She began to explain the differences between Ed Markey and Stephen Lynch’s voting records. She specifically mentioned that Lynch voted against “Obamacare” and I almost laughed. I’m still not used to calling it “Obamacare”. I thanked her for her time and stated that I would get online and do some more research before deciding who to vote for.

That all being said, I still don’t know who to vote for. The most informative article that I’ve found thus far was this one. If you are still deciding who to vote for check it out. I’m  embarrassed to admit that I haven’t taken much time to investigate either candidate. Time is almost up, so some cursory research is all that I have time for. Whatever you do, don’t forget to vote though.

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