John John Da Don vs Math Hoffa Faceoff Live on the Air

Math Hoffa Argues With John John Da Don Live On The Air

Math Hoffa John John da Don1Math Hoffa vs. John John da Don was scheduled for today. Word on the street err, I mean youtube comment section is that Math Hoffa did John John dirty.

At any rate, last week Math Hoffa called in to Battle Rap Arena while John John Da Don was on air.  Math was able to bait John John and some heated words were exchanged. Just found this so I’m postin’.

URL Battle Rap Arena – John John Da Don vs Math Hoffa Live on the Air

You don’t have any classics  -John John Da Don [to Math Hoffa]

I heard you said you like it when people talk sh.. Your toes should be wigglin’ – Math Hoffa [to JJDD]


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