Boston Area Lockdown Has Been Lifted. Bombing Suspect Still At Large

This past monday the Boston Marathon bombings killed three people and injured another 170 or so bystanders.

There are reports of a shootout took place on Thursday night between police and two men suspected of being involved in the Boston Marathon bombings. An MIT public safety officer was mortally wounded in the shootout and one of the suspects fled the scene. After the shooting, a manhunt ensued. The suspects have been identified as Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Aunt of Marathon Bombing Suspects: “I’m Suspicious That This Was Staged”Maret Tsarnaeva

“Convince me. Why doesn’t the FBI give me more? They are just normal young men … athletic and smart.”

-Maret Tsarnaeva

Some of the residents of the greater Boston area and surrounding cities were in for a surprise as they attempted to get to work and other places via public transit only to find out that the city was in a “lockdown”.

Residents of Boston were running into signs like this as they visited local drug stores,restaurants and more:

Boston LockdownBoston Lockdown 2

The PBS Newshour reports that the Boston area lock down has been lifted but the manhunt  for a suspect believed to be involved in the Boston Marathon bombings is still underway.

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