Styles P Says That Winter Ramos Has To Live With The Consequences of Tell All Book

Styles P Says Winter Ramos’ Tell-All Book Is Messed Up

Styles P shares his thoughts on Winter Ramos’ new tell-all book “Game Over.” In the book Winter talks about her relationship with Jadakiss. Styles P stated that he felt Winter’s book is a decision that she is going to have to live with. Styles urged people to use caution when sharing information about people’s personal lives without permission.

Styles P

Winter Ramos Says Jadakiss Needs Throat Surgery

“Love & Hip Hop NY” reality show persona Winter Ramos opens up about her on-and-off relationship with Jadakiss. She claims that if she wasn’t currently in a relationship that she would probably still be in touch with Jadakiss. Winter also opens up about Jada’s health problems.

Winter Ramos Book Talks About Swizz Beatz Cheating On Mashonda

Winter says that having sex with Swizz Beats was painful.

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