DNA and Th3 Saga Drop Rhymes Over “Ice Cream” Instrumental

DNA cypher 1DNA [the battle rapper from Queens] teams up with Th3 Saga to drop a cypher over Raekwon’s classic “Ice Cream” instrumental. On my first listen I felt that DNA’s verse sounds like it started off with written bars and evolve into a freestyle and then ended up with some more written bars. He says its all freestyle though “freestyle off the top and I aint writin’ for these ni**as”

Lyrics to note:

“Why they seem so impressed by all these new ni**as? They say somethin’ a-ight Yall say its coo ni**a. I say somethin’ that’s hot, they say its [ooh?] ni**a.”

Is DNA ventin’? Feelin’ a little left out of the limelight?

“I done killed it in battle rap. I showed em that I’m great. I battled in front of Diddy. I battled in front of Drake.”

Feeling like you have to rely on your resume instead of the present DNA? Huh? Ventin’ about a resume seems like what really inspired this cyphe. LOL. DNA You can still bounce back from that lost to K-Shine.


Th3 Saga is nice though, no? I gotta check for more from him. Did ya’ll peep DNA cheesin’ [at the end] like he really thought the ice cream man was comin? Lol. In the meanwhile you can follow DNA on twitter  at @dna_gtfoh

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