Funky Fresh Radio Uncut Will Be On Vacation For 2 Weeks

Rusti [aka Mr Funky Fresh] has sent this notice out:

Funky Fresh Radio New1

Peace Boston Hip Hop Artist & Fans

Funky Fresh Radio Uncut on UNregular Radio will be on vacation for 2 weeks

…due to the future of UNregular Radio, their  moving to a new and a much better suited studio in Boston with a launch date of April 15th 2013. Unfortunately, they have had to close the current studio in Downtown but are working hard to have our great live programming back packaged with an all new UNregular radio website on the April 15th, so Funky Fresh Radio Uncut will return on Thursday April 18th, 2013 Please stay tuned and thank you immensely for your support throughout this journey & change.

Mean while we are still banging on the weekend.


• To get the updates follow subzinfo on Facebook or Twitter.

• Do you have a google account? Join the forum on Youtube.

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