XXL Gives “The Nacirema Dream” A Harsh Review. Blames The Production.

I Guess We Don’t Celebrate “Lyrics” Anymore…

NACIREMA dream artwork1As you know, Papoose’s debut album “The Nacirema Dream” is out [shout out to Slim who said he was gonna purchase a digital and a hard copy]. The album got twenty tracks [if you include the skits]. I always enjoy albums that have a central theme or make me feel like I’m getting to know the artist better.

“The Nacirema Dream” has a good range of lyricism,knowledge,slow songs,skits,upbeat songs and all that but XXL gave the album a harsh review. The overall album was rated a “L”. The writer calls the production “outdated”. I really don’t know what the hell outdated production is. The writer tried to describe it but his explanation didn’t make sense. A track is either whack or it’s not [smdh]. I’m feeling like maybe he’s saying boom bap is outdated.

Perhaps up to date production means snares and samples from southern style beats [like “Where I Come From“?] or some kind of assortment of bandwagon brand name producers that have songs in heavy rotation [yeah, that’s probably it].

I can honestly say that the album has boring points but I haven’t heard an album where I liked every song for a long time [as a matter of fact there are only three albums total where I liked every track]. Shouldn’t a classic album reveal something new every time you listen to it? Who would say that Pap missed that mark?

To put all this into perspective, XXL gave the same overall rating to Gucci Mane’s “Trap Back 2mixtape with a rating of 3 out of 5 for lyrics [Papoose got 4 out of 5]. I remember a time when a song like “Alphabetical Slaughter Part II” would’ve been the focus of any review or article.

The moral of this story? I guess it’s that lyricism is “outdated” [C’mon XXL]. Pap, go ahead and start spittin’ 16’s over Kanye beats with entire verses that say nothing at all. Then atleast we know you’ll get a XXL for originality.

Cmon Son sign1

Nacirema XXL Review

“…that’s Nacirema Dream’s biggest success, it truly sounds like a vintage New York hip-hop album, and it’ll appeal to those still looking for that.

On the flip side, the production is so outdated you can’t help but think that these songs have literally just been sitting around this whole time.”

— Reed Jackson

Check out some of the tracks for yourself:

Papoose – Faith (The Nacirema Dream)

[@1:40] Everybody makin’ comments. They wanna blog me. Knowledge of the game they posses hardly


Papoose – “Motion Picture”

Papoose – “Turn It Up” [Produced By DJ Premier]

Papoose ft. Erykah Badu – “Cure”

Papoose – “Pimpin’ Won’t Die”

Papoose ft. Remy Ma – “What’s My Name”

Album: The Nacirema Dream Tracklist: 01. Papoose – Intro 02. Papoose – Motion Picture 03. Papoose – Mother Ghetto 04. Papoose – Aim Shoot (feat. Mobb Deep) 05. Papoose – Cure Skit 06. Papoose – Cure (feat. Erykah Badu) 07. Papoose – Nacirema Dream 08. Papoose – Pimpin’ Won’t Die 09. Papoose – 6AM (feat. Jim Jones and Jadakiss) 10. Papoose – Law Library Skit 11. Papoose – Law Library Part 8 12. Papoose – What’s My Name (feat. Remy Ma) 13. Papoose – On Top Of My Game (feat. Mavado) 14. Papoose – Faith 15. Papoose – Turn It Up (feat. DJ Premier) 16. Papoose – Die Like A G 17. Papoose – Get At Me (feat. Ron Browz) 18. Papoose – Where I Come From (feat. Dada Stone, Odog, Manson, Kino and K-Brown Of Thugacation) 19. Papoose – R.I.P. 20. Papoose – Alphabetical Slaughter Part II (Z to A)

You can stream the entire album here. Purchase “The Nacirema Dream” by clicking here.

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