How To Effectively Debate: Joshua Boston vs Alex Jones

Grab Your Guns! The Red Coats Are Coming?

Red CoatsAlex Jones generated a few headlines when he debated Piers Morgan on the issue of gun control. Alex has a reputation for being high strung and in my opinion he solidified that brand earlier this year when he appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight.

piers-morgan-alex-jonesAlex did makes some powerful points but I believe that his yelling and boisterousness may have had a deleterious [did I just make up a word?] effect. I hear that some folks are calling into question Alex’s sanity. This makes me laugh as I have always felt that he is a little off.

Alex Jones could have stated that government has automatic weapons and that the people should be equally armed in the event of a tyrannical takeover. Instead he did this:

Now Joshua Boston, on the other hand is arguably the mirror opposite of Jones when it comes to debating. He made some headlines when his open letter to Dianne Feinstein went viral. Take note of the manner in which Joshua engaged Piers.

After watching the two different styles of debate, who do you think was more effective?

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