Is Google Trying Too Hard? Are They Messing Up Youtube?

Youtube View Count Totals Are Frozen Since Yesterday

Youtube may be trying to change too much too quickly. I noticed that a few view counts actually had a total of zero views for active channels yesterday. For the channels that did actually display the total view count, the totals have not changed since yesterday.

SUBZINFO YT snapshot

Google has now began asking youtubers to upgrade their channel appearance to include a header graphic. This change seems to coincide with the now “bigger” header graphics on Google +. It smells like progress that Google wants to merge it’s youtube community with it’s start up Google + community but the problem is, that this will anger the folks who love youtube just the way it is. You know, the regulars, the folks that help to make Youtube one of the most visited sites in the world. These are the same folks who notice (cough) when play counts don’t update (cough,cough).

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• Do you have a google account? Join the forum on Youtube.

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