Conex – “Sexy Liars” [Official Music Video]


Conex Is In Thailand With Sexy Liars and I’m Stuck Here

You remember Conex right, well he’s back. No, actually he’s away in Thailand shooting music videos. He just hit me up on facebook to rub it in too [LoL. Conex it was good to hear from you bro. I’m saving up my money!!]

While we were chatting Conex let me know that the visuals were up for “Sexy Liars” It seems that the real reason he had to go away is revealed in the music video. [Get that therapy bruh] Ya’ll check it out though:

Conex Sexy Liar3Conex Sexy Liar1Conex Sexy Liar2

Conex – “Sexy Liars” music video was directed by Maffmatix and filmed at T.A.I. Films studios in Bangkok, Thailand.


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