Surveillance Video Shows Police Officer Executing A Wounded Man Close Range

LAPD_chase_man_EXECUTE_himThe family of a man who was shot and killed by LAPD has filed a lawsuit. The LAPD claims that the suspect in this video was armed and dangerous. The circumstances that surround the alleged weapon create even more disturbing questions than the surveillance video does. Honestly, there’s not really much that I can add to this. The video includes commentary,news clips and surveillance footage. Warning: this video DOES contain violence. It shows the murder of a 20 year old man.

4409 — LAPD chase man EXECUTE him Claim Self Defense

This video was published on Feb 10, 2013 on the RP4409 YT channel [a little less than a month ago] and has garnered about 600,080 views and 5,157 likes thus far. Please share if you were moved by this video.

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