Mark O’Mara Fears The Zimmerman Trial Will Be Viewed As A Civil Rights Issue

I hate picking a starting point and using 500 words or less when I have so many things to say (sigh). I’ll just jump right into it. Mark O’Mara (Zimmerman’s defense attorney) appeared on the Piers Morgan show recently. [For those who may be unfamiliar, George Zimmerman is a man who admitted to shooting and killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin last year in February.]

Lawyer Says Zimmerman Doesn’t Feel Safe and Wears Disguises In Public

Neighborhood Watch-NBC
There are a few reports circulating the web since Mark O’mara’s appearance on the Piers Morgan show recently. Most of the headlines I’ve read focus on one particular statement that Mark O’Mara made. O’Mara has contended that George Zimmerman feels that his life is in danger.

Furthermore O’mara claims that when GZ is in public he wears a disguise and body armor. He says Zimmerman does not feel safe without it. When I searched for footage from the Piers Morgan interview I found this:

Mark O’Mara on Trayvon Martin case

“The unique thing about this case is that it was handled in the beginning where a lot of information came to the forefront and was really focused upon that suggested it was in fact a racial event.”

I found these statements by O’Mara in this video to be most interesting, much more interesting than GZ wearing body armor. O’Mara says that Americans should not view the outcome of the GZ trial to be a reflection of a civil rights win or loss. He also says that the FBI found no racism in the events surrounding Trayvon Martin’s shooting and would like those FBI files to be made public.

From a strategic standpoint, I would say that O’Mara is awesome. Alleviating pressure on officials to prosecute Zimmerman while disassociating the trial with the very thing that caused Zimmerman to even be charged in the first place – outrage.

The more people consider George Zimmerman’s acquittal as a loss for civil rights, the worse for civil rights.

The true question is how are young black males being treated in the system?

-Mark O’Mara

From here O’Mara can try to enlarge the “reasonable doubt” margin by focusing on the unknown during the timeline of events. If GZ can be disassociated with the history of racial prejudice in the judicial system, there is a better chance of him being perceived as responsible citizen instead of a low life manipulative son of a judge who thought he could get away with killing someone. (Whew, talk about run on sentences.)

Zimmerman Will Not Use The Stand Your Ground Defense?

In a different interview O’Mara indicated that the defense may ask that the charges against GZ be dropped. “George didn’t have an opportunity to retreat, so calling this a ‘Stand Your Ground’ hearing is not accurate,” O’Mara also told Soledad O’Brien. The trial is set for June.



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