Sequestration: What Does It Mean and Who Will Take Responsibility For It?

Sequester-Cartoon largeGreta Van Susteren recently played a montage of political statements on the sequester.  All of the statements played seemed to deflect responsibility for what is commonly being referred to as “The Sequester.”

For those of you who are just as confused as I was about what “The Sequester” I’ll obama-and-the-sequestersummarize my limited understanding. Sequester is short for sequestration. Sequestration is a legal procedure in which automatic spending cuts are triggered if certain conditions are not met.  I believe that the Budget Control Act of 2011 set a deadline of March 1 2013 for certain conditions to be met to avoid a sequester.

It is also my understanding that budgeting government spending is and has always been the responsibility of U.S. Congress. If the former is in fact true, then I would say the blame for an inadequate budget plan must be pointed toward Congress but Senator Baucus had some interesting input:

Sen. Max Baucus (D-MT) says on CBS in Billings, MT that sequestration was Obama’s idea and it came from the White House.

Here are some of the [uncensored] reactions to these videos from Youtube community:

  • Yes, Boehner went along with Obama’s sequestration plan, but the dirty little secret is so did Harry Reid and Max Baucus. Baucus is trying to hide from the fact that he too voted for this, and now with his pending reelection, he’s trying to shield himself from criticism. Max, you chaired the budget committee, where’s the dem’s budgets been for the last 4 years? The fact is, we would not have had 5 manufactured crises in the last 2 years if senate dems had done there job and passed a budget.
  • If Congress and the Supreme Court allow the lies to continue then they are equally guilty for not upholding their oaths
  • He forgot to say that Obama said he would veto any bill that would try to stop sequestration. The congress passed 2 bills to fix it and Reid wouldn’t even look at them. So how is this the fault of congress?
  • Neither party wants the spending attached to them that’s why they have been doing continuing resolutions for 4 years. Constitutional authority to budget belongs to congress not the executive and fox thinks we are so dumb that we think the executive has budgeting responsibility.
  • Yea a fuggin video montage consisting of a bunch of opinions without documentation. A bunch of people saying yes and no to each other/ How about a proven signature? How about some paperwork? If the title of this video or the minute and 30 seconds persuades you to somehow make a conclusion about anything in govt then you’re obviously one of these——> Jackasses
  • It’s simple economics…expansionary fiscal policy calls for increased goverment spending to increase aggregate demand, conservative fiscal policy calls for lless governement spending to lower agreggate demand and inflation. It’s pretty cut and dry where we need to be..stupid politicians always trying to cut at the wrong damn time.
  • The entire purpose of an enforcement mechanism (sequestration in this case) is to make sure that the enforcement mechanism is never triggered. The key question is what action it was designed to compel. And on that score, the Budget Control Act of 2011 is unambiguous.
  • ‘m not seeing the lie here. Sequestration was proposed by congress – fact – and it was not Mr. Obama’s idea. Yes, the white house negotiating team did discuss it with congress but only Congress can introduce bills. I think you people are overreacting.

Rand Paul: Sequester Doesn’t Cut Anything, Just Slows Spending Increase

“I think the sequester has to go through,” Paul, R-Ky., told WTOP Thursday morning. “People need to realize the sequester is not really a cut in spending. It’s a cut in the rate of growth of spending.”

He adds that a new proposal by Senate Democrats to avoid sequestration with a mix of spending cuts and new tax revenue is a bad idea.

“Another dumb idea,” said Paul, who on Tuesday delivered the tea party response to President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address. “They just raised taxes three months ago. Did they not get enough of a fix then? We’ve got to cut spending.”

Sequestration: What You Need To Know

MOAA’s Steve Strobridge and Monique Rizer talk about what sequestration means for military families, and if there’s anything we can do to avoid it. This conversation might help to put into perspective the way these budget cuts can affect everyday life even for folks who are not working for the government directly.

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