U.S. Advisors Allege That Afghan Police Forces Are Rampant With Crime and Corruption

Steuber alleges that many PB commanders have been sexually molesting the young boys

BBC News has recently published an article about alleged crime and corruption in Afghan Police. The article, which includes an interview with a U.S. Marine name Bill Steuber,Bill Steuber us marines paints a picture of the Afghan Police force as a loosely regulated group of men who do not take their responsibilities seriously. Steuber is in charge of a small detachment of Marines tasked with advising the Afghan Police forces.

  • BBC reports that the Afghan police sell ammunition and weapons in the local bazaar, including rocket-propelled grenades. Weapons paid for by the allied forces could possibly end up in the hands of the Taliban.
  • In one instance, a patrol base was deemed unsafe to stay in after the Afghan police sold away parts of the security walls as scrap metal. Steuber says that all corruption has been reported but skimming (stealing) incoming supplies is still rampant.
  • The Afghan police are said to have 34 bases (also called p.b.’s) in this particular district. Steuber says that many of the Patrol Bases have young boys that live there who appear to be servants. The most outstanding accusation: Steuber alleges that many PB commanders have been sexually molesting the young boys.

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