New Youtube Video Promotion Service Promises Fast Results

Virool 1There’s a new service that helps promote youtube videos to targeted audiences. The service is called virool. The rates start at around 4 cents per view with a minimum campaign budget of $10.00. Here is an ad for the service.

The Secret of All Viral Videos – Virool

The following text are quotes taken directly from the Virool website:

We promote your YouTube videos to targeted audience. We guarantee full transparency and detailed analytics. All views are real with at least 30 seconds engagement

We can start your campaign immediately and deliver up to a million of real views in 24 hours.

More Affordable
We are the most affordable source of real YouTube views. Our campaigns start at just $10/day while similar services are offered from $50,000 by advertisement agencies.

When we initially started Virool our goal was to build a powerful service that would allow anyone with video content to reach their desired audience on our network.

We first thought that only big companies and brands would be interested in using Virool, but as soon as we launched the self-serve platform, we realized that musicians, filmmakers, game developers, YouTube talk show hosts, startups, kickstarter fundraisers, nonprofits and many others found our service very compelling.

We allow anyone to distribute video content through a series of online publishers. It achieves this by placing video in a form of content on the publisher’s website, game, or app that targets the demographic that the advertiser wants to reach. In exchange, publishers make money from displaying relevant content to the audience interacting with their site or app.

We’re capable of reaching 100 million people worldwide and we have helped a number of companies get their video seen by the right people. This has helped our clients attract new clients and grow their revenue.

Artists who are looking for an edge and feel that they have a product worth investing in might want to check it out.


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