In What Is Being Labeled As A Rant… Kanye Says That Money Isn’t Everything

In what is being labeled as a rant…

Kanye Hammersmith Apollo 2Recording artist Kanye West gave a live performance at London’s Hammersmith Apollo  last night. During the show West expressed frustration with corporate influence in the music industry and dissed the Grammy Awards. Kanye isn’t the first major recording artist to diss the Grammy Awards but the “rant” is already garnering much attention. You can hear an excerpt from the performance by clicking the video below. The controversy starts around the 4:00 minute mark.

Remind me again why we in this…?

-Kanye West

Here’s where some of the buzz may be coming from:

Some folks in the blogosphere perceive some of Ye’s comments as a shot at Justin Timberlake. Many others have already pointed out that Kanye’s comment “And I got love for Hov, but I ain’t f-ing with that Suit and Tie” could’ve been confused as a cheap shot at Justin Timberlake but is more likely to be a play on words than an insult.

One youtuber’s direct comment:

He wasn’t dissing JT’s Suit and Tie. He was dissing the business men who wear suits and ties and the Grammys because its a suit and tie event. Its just a play on words.


What did I get out of all this? Kanye feels that money isn’t everything and wants to start drawing the line as to what he’s willing to do or deal with. What do you say?


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