Christopher Dorner’s Capture May Be Eminent [Updates Are Trickling]

Christopher Dorner Reportedly Engaged In Gun Fight With Wildlife Police At Big Bear

As many Americans prepare to tune in for President Obama’s State of the Union speech, Christopher-Dornernews/details of Christopher Dorner’s (possibly eminent) capture are trickling in.The L.A. Times has reported that two wildlife officers were shot during a confrontation with the man that they believe to be Christopher Dorner. Dorner is a former LAPD officer who is wanted in connection to three murders this week.

According to the LA Times:

Fugitive Christopher Dorner suddenly resurfaced Tuesday afternoon, engaging in a vehicle-to-vehicle gun battle with a California Department of Fish and Wildlife officer before holing up in a Big Bear-area cabin as dozens of officers homed in.

Two San Bernardino sheriff’s deputies have been injured in the confrontation, sources said. The extent of their injuries was unknown.

The incidents quickly unfolded Tuesday morning after Dorner left a nearby home he had broken into days ago, a source said. He allegedly had tied up a couple inside and held them hostage.

(continue reading LA Times article by clicking here)

An Update posted on Yahoo News read:

[Updated at 4:48 p.m. PT]

Shots are reportedly being fired and the cabin where disgruntled former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner barricaded himself this afternoon is on fire.

It is unknown if Dorner is still in the cabin. Thick black smoke and flames can been seen coming from the mountain cabin.

Police and tactical units are requesting that the fire personnel stay back.

Comments from authorities on the police radio channel:
“Hold until we start mop up with fire.”
“Still not ready for fire. There’s a lot of smoldering.”
“More ammo going off.”

Police want to let the fire burn through the basement as a precaution before entering.

It is not yet certain that Dorner is still in the cabin.


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