[Archive Classik] Smyly – “Zombies” [Feat. Young Rich & Chilla Jones]

SMYLYYOUNG RICH_CHILLA JONESToday the archive classik post is from Smyly (aka Mr. Flooded Out) who has been known for screaming “Flooded Out” as his slogan. The song is called “Zombies”. The track features guest appearances from Boston’s own Young Rich and Chilla Jones.


When asked what the song signifies, Smyly had this to say:

“This song is about the most common thing in this industry… feeding off other emcee’s brains. Everyday another emcee makes a hit that keeps the industry going setting the standards higher as far as creativity goes. Me, I’m a full-blooded zombie to this industry because I have the ability to feed off any emcee I come across and make a hit out of anything, that’s rare nowadays… therefore I am a Hip-Hop zombie.”

quote taken from newenglandhiphop.com


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