Havoc And Prodigy Have Ended Feud; Mobb Deep Officially Reunites. How Do YOU Feel About It?

mobb-deepTHE INTERNETS have been buzzing mildly about the announcement that Mobb Deep is officially reuniting along with a road tour celebrating Mobb Deep’s 20th anniversary. This was recently posted on Thisis50:

Last year Havoc and Prodigy took a break from recording and touring together due to some internal strife, but they have buried the hatchet and will be hitting the road together on a 20th anniversary tour this year according to TMZ.

I can’t help but scratch my head. This whole soap opera has had so many twists that the script would make actors on “Days of Our Lives” get sick. I’ve been following this since last summer. Is it me or… when did the closure happen? Did I miss this? The drama seemingly came from nowhere and no dissipates just as fast. This contradicts the name brand that the Mobb has built. Aint no such things as halfway crooks. So what now? Do we pretend that Ferg Brim never accused Prodigy of writing love letters or that Havoc plead the fifth on the issue? After making diss records about each other are they going to come out publicly and clear the air or what? What’s goin’ on?

To be clear, I’m happy that Hav and P have reconciled their differences but only if it’s for real.  If it’s not real then what else is there to celebrate? Lack of sincerity ruins the whole nostalgia of the Mobb Deep experience. Havoc once explained to Allhiphop that the rift between him and P had been growing for some time. Well, have all those issues been resolved? Illseed has suggested the obvious recently when he posted that sources say that the tour is only about getting a check. Who couldn’t have guessed that on their own?

Prodigy has already publicly stated that he thinks beef is bad for business. Hav and P have both been caught in lies since this whole thing started going public.

My inclination is to say that Mobb Deep’s core fanbase is the 90’s teenagers who were following the Mobb since they were 12 or 13 years old. Most of them folks (including myself) are now all 30 somethings. What would the average adult think about this whole situation? One of the comments  under Illseed’s post that caught my attention was:

I can’t listen to them like I used to for one of two reasons………either prodigy is a homo or havoc is a liar. -green_ messiah

Maybe expecting The Mobb to make sense is too much of an expectation at this point.

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