Zoo England Entertainment is Working To Build A Hip Hop Alliance

Attention all recording artists from whom fall into the urban genre ad are from New England. Jay Harris (from Hoodz DVD) has announced the start of “Zoo England.” Zoo England Entertainment is working towards building a hip hop alliance with in all of the New England area.


The Goal:

To be the power house behind all up and coming hip hop artist who not only have talent but the ambition and motivation to become successful we are qualified with years of experience and a long list of recourses, we are devoted and dedicated to all of are artist, its extremely important that we at Zoo England have the same drive and enthusiam as our artist, your movement means just as much to us as ours!

The music industry has always looked for acts in big cities simply because they have larger urban markets so being that hip hops origin is of urban decendants and none of our individual New England State have a big enough urban market as you know the industry never really been checking for nobody this way but if we can unite all New England cities together we can merge to be that one big urban market just think of a artist that has a buzz in let’s say CT and goes to RI, MA, NH, ME and builds a fan base in these markets and vise versa a artist from any other New England State this will have the industry wanting to see who it is that has all these States buzzn like that and then come looking this way, the industry look at the number of followings you got cause they know men lie women lie but numbers don’t! Below are a list of a fewof the things that we provide for recording artists:

*Artist Management
*Dj Mixe Tape Host and events

-Jay Harris

For more info contact Jay Harris
Ph 774-315-8017
Email Zooengland@yahoo.com

• To get the updates follow subzinfo on Facebook or Twitter.

• Do you have a google account? Join the forum on Youtube.


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