Meek Mill Says “If You Gettin’ Robbed Then Don’t Make A Diss Song About Me”

Meek Mill Talks Cassidy Beef, Says “If You Gettin’ Robbed Then Don’t Make A Diss Song About Me. Handle Your Business”

MeekMill 20Meek Mill sat down with for a solid half hour and discussed the Cassidy vs. Meek Mill situation. He promised that it will be the last time that he addresses the Cassidy situation and that any future interviews will be cut short if they attempt to address Cassidy.

During the 32 minutes or so, Meek attempts to clear the air on a number of issues. Meek explains that he has always showed love to up and coming artists and he doesn’t understand why anyone would question his dedication to Philly’s music scene.  During the interview Meek also addressed the insinuations that he paid Ar-AB to bad mouth Cassidy. If you didn’t see the Ar-AB vlog that went viral on youtube here it is:

Meek warned Cassidy to “keep it rap” and advised against doing videos with the GD’s. If you didn’t catch the video with Cassidy hanging out with the GD’s in North Carolina here it is:

As you can see there were several references to Meek Mill. The GD’s have been openly sending threats to Rick Ross and the entire MMG organization over what they believe to be exploitation of their culture,blood,sweat and tears. To read more about that click here.

Meek explained that he believes that the reason why Cassidy has NOT address several issues that were brought up during the  Ar-AB vlog is that he is scared. Some interviewers have questioned Cassidy about the Ar-AB vlog and even though Cassidy didn’t address the situation with AR and he touched upon the subject a little (when he called in to DJ Caesar on Hot 107.9 Philly). Cassidy suggests that Ar-AB is family and that sometimes family members fight.


Meek says that the back and forth between him and Cassidy lyrically has to stop because he feels that Cassidy is “stealing” from him by using the situation to launch new music.


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