So The Baltimore Ravens Hand Patriots a 28-13 Defeat in AFC Championship Game. Leave Belichick Alone Though.

Brady Belichick 628x471To the fans of every other team in the NFL: So, the Patriots lose every once in a while. Are you happy now?

The Baltimore Ravens handed the Patriots a loss yesterday and the vultures can’t wait to rub it in. Das a-ight. We be back next year. We ALWAYS come back.

In all seriousness though, the Ravens are a great team. It was a very close game last year and if the Patriots had to lose any year than it might as well be this one. Good luck Ray.

And as for Shannon Sharpe and his comments on what Belichick did not or did not do after the game for your show… give it a rest. It’s a competitive sport and an emotional game. Cut him some slack. He (Belichick) sent someone to do the postgame show, right? I know you have to stick up for your network and all.

If you want to read the yahoo article entitled: “Bill Belichick stiffs CBS after the game, Shannon Sharpe rips him for being poor loser” you can click here. But unless you’re the desperate fan of some team that never makes it to the playoffs, why bother? See you next year. I’m 98% positive you’ll have something better to complain about.


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